Reiki + Chill™ - Community Healing Circle

November 23, 2021 at 12:00 am UTC

Reiki + Chill™ - Community Healing Circle

Bring a blanket and come vibe with us!

S Surf Rd and Jefferson St Hollywood Beach, FL

Reiki + Chill™ is a healing circle, a connection of souls for the purpose of personal awareness and spiritual guidance. Join us for a sweet night, filled with meditation, conversation and a beautiful reiki energy transmission. Reiki is unconditional love, its healing energy that is transmitted through light touch of the body, its used to promote relaxation, peace and aids the body in its natural ability to heal itself. If you have never experienced the power of reiki this is a gentle welcome into the sacred practice of reiki. I asked that you come as you are, perfectly made, there is nothing you need to be or do to be welcomed in this space besides being open to understanding yourself and others with compassion.

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